50 Chowders

One-Pot Meals -- Clam, Corn & Beyond
by Jasper White

Anyone who likes clam chowder, hearty stews, or simple, comforting one-pot meals will be happy as a clam with Jasper White’s 50 Chowders; One Pot Meals—Clam, Corn & Beyond. Chowders are easy to make, comforting to eat, and the recipes here—presented by a New Englander who knows his fish—are good for the soul and the appetite. For White, the popular chef of New England cuisine (Lobster at Home, Jasper’s Restaurant), chowder is not a soup; “it’s a hearty dish containing big chunks of fish, potatoes and vegetables in a lake of steaming broth.”

A little bit of folklore and history of chowders, followed by a few basics lead into 50 great, simple-to-prepare recipes ranging from traditional New England Clam, Corn Chowder, and Nova Scotia Lobster Chowders, to more exotic fare such as San Francisco “Meatball” Chowder and Pheasant and Cabbage Chowder.

Timeless techniques combined with a creative insight that makes fantastic eating, this book has more useful information on seafood than a whole boat of fisherman.”—Mark Miller, cookbook author

Jasper White cooks just the way I like to eat! His passion, his purity, and his attention to detail make the chowders in this book irresistible.”—Alice Waters, cookbook author

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Posted by Food Junkie on October 4, 2004
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