75 Exciting Vegetables for Your Garden

by Jack Staub

75 Vegetables for Your Garden is a unique and charming guide to a selection of eminent vegetables who author Jack Staub believes time has come. There is an eclectic selection of heirloom and hybrid, native and transplant – ‘seventy-five really supberb vegetables in current culture that are as exciting for their physical beauty as they are for their taste.’

Each featured vegetable is given a two page profile with origing, history, qualities and practical advice on growing, as well as, tips on the best way to prepare each. He begins with the Amarant (Joseph’s Coat),
a plant with origins in Indian and while they have similar nutritional values of spinach are ideal in a summer salad mix where they will add an eye-catching note of colour. Leave the rest to startle the eye in the garden”, notes Staub. Lovely, evocative writing.

Other entries inclued Rhubarb Chard, Osteri Eggplant, Runner Bean, Painted Lady, Sorrel, Silver Shield and he closes with the Zebra Hybrid Eggplant. Each selection is accompanied by a charming full paged coloured line drawing of the species, the printing and design give the book a timeless appeal. A delightful and elegant book.

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Posted by Food Junkie on April 2, 2007
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