A New Way To Cook

by Sally Schneider

According to author Sally Schneider, “A New Way to Cook is a redefinition of healthy eating, where no food is taboo, great taste rules and the concept of self-denial just doesn’t exist.” So, if you enjoy cooking and believe that flavor and taste go hand-in-hand with healthy cooking, then this comprehensive all-purpose cookbook is one you will love.

With 600 wide-ranging, global recipes she reproduces classic, time-tested recipes with less fat than their originals. We love that in Schneider’s kitchen, flavorful fats, sugars and salts (chocolate too) are all part of a satisfying diet, and through moderation and altering your cooking techniques—such as emulsifying fat with water or other liquids before adding to your dish—you can have them all and still enjoy a healthy diet.

There are no gimmicks in A New Way to Cook, just cooking simply, easily and healthily. Schneider spent ten years experimenting in the kitchen to develop innovative techniques and recipes, so this is one you can trust. A great book for new cooks (or those after a healthier approach to their cooking) to better enjoy both mealtime and their time in the kitchen.

This is the ‘Silver Palate’ for the new generation of sophisticated eaters but unconfident cooks.”—The New York Times Book Review

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Posted by Food Junkie on May 4, 2006
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