Atkins for Life

The Complete Controlled Carb Program for Permanent Weight Loss and Good Health
by Robert Atkins, MD (Dr. Atkins)

Endorsed by many celebrities—and high profile magazines alike—recent studies of the Atkins Program as a way of losing weight and reducing cholesterol levels have given rise to support from the medical community. The basic premise of the Atkins program is identifying which foods are “higher carbs” (potatoes, rice cakes…) and limiting their intake—control your carb intake, control your weight!

Atkins for Life is the guide for those familiar to the plan and new recruits. Questionnaires get you started at the right level, and plenty of charts and personal success stories (photos too) help guide you through the program.

The second half of Atkins for Life is the cookbook portion, with meal plans (about 6 months worth), menus, and 125 recipes. The recipes offer a variety of easy-to-prepare and appetizing dishes—including some nice indulgences such as chocolate soufflé. This is a diet for protein lovers (i.e. meat, seafood, poultry), with minimal choices for vegetarians. Many praise the Atkins Program as the easy and most indulging (plenty of butter allowed on your fillet!) way to lose weight and keep it off.

“Obesity experts are now finding it difficult to ignore, his diet does just what he has claimed…”—The New York Times Magazine

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Posted by Food Junkie on February 29, 2004
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Michelle February 24, 2008 at 3:48 pm

IMHO, just eat decent homemade food and get off the couch once in a while… Cheers, Michelle.


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