by Thomas Keller

In his Napa Valley bistro Bouchon, chef Thomas Keller (also of famed French Laundry) serves traditional French bistro fare, and this book pays homage to his love of bistro cooking. Bouchon is a celebration of the simple, pure and elevated ingredients of the beloved classic dishes of authentic French Paris bistros. According to Keller, this is the food he cooks at home and which he is most passionate about.

Simle Roast Chicken, Wild Mushroom Quiche, Lemon Tarte, crisp green salad, sea salt these are dishes and ingredients that epitimize traditional bistro fare and he features all of our favorites in this elegantly photographed and gorgeous coffee table sized book. Bistro cooking is the ultimate in French comfort food and here Keller explores our emotional connection with food; the feeling we get when we see a perfectly roasted chicken or a pile of steak frites. Says Keller, ” This kind of food makes us feel good just by looking at it. This food makes people happy.”

Keller’s secret to perfect roast chicken? Simply salt and organic bird and slip it in the pan into a hot oven for @1 hour, after cooking baste it with a butter, oil and some fresh thyme. As Keller instructs us, basting the bird before or while cooking simply causes it to steam and makes for a less crispy skin. The result, perfectly satisfying.

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Posted by Food Junkie on September 4, 2006
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mike June 19, 2008 at 4:52 am

This book really is very approachable. I would recommend anyone interested in eating this type of food to give it a try.


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