Chez Panisse Vegetables

by Alice Waters

In Chez Panisse Vegetables, Alice Waters and the cooks of her famed California restaurant Chez Panisse have selected 250 of the most irresistible and delightful recipes for 40 of their favorite vegetables—most are readily available fresh and locally at some time of the year.  Waters has conveniently arranged each featured vegetable in alphabetical order, devoting a page or so to describe each one’s characteristics and the optimum ways to grow and prepare it. Then there are a handful of recipes that bring out the best in the featured vegetable. The recipes are simple, unembellished, straightforward, and sublime in their simplicity.

A beautiful, clean design and layout, along with colorful linocut images, give Chez Panisse Vegetables a classic, organic feel that one will never tire of over years of much use. This book will make you will fall in love with all of Alice Water’s favorite “living foods”.

A marvel of a book. An encyclopedic monument of common sense, dedicated to honest produce, natural, uncontaminated and fresh. The food is simple, inventive, often surprising—dishes that one creates daily by fiddling around in the kitchen, but rarely finds in cookbooks.”—Richard Olney, cookbook author

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Posted by Food Junkie on May 4, 2004
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