Cooking with Love: Comfort Food that Hugs You – by Carla Hall

Cooking with Love: Comfort Food that Hugs You by Carla Hall

Carla Hall is a famous chef from the TV show The Chew. She uses her smarts and sense of humor in this lovable home-style cookbook. At first glance the book draws you into to it and speaks, “Go ahead and take a look-you’re gonna love it.” Not many books do that. If you do take a look you will love that you did. Carla shares exciting cooking tips and recipes for the reader and cook in you to enjoy. Cooking with Love: Comfort Food that Hugs You, is designed to satisfy your hunger and leave you happy. The pattern she created throughout is delightful. Even if you don’t start at page one and read through you will still fully understand what this special cookbook is all about. It is tastefully designed and magnificently illustrated with color photos.

Diversity is pronounced, you will find a recipe for a tea time party, with little finger foods that are dainty and light. Healthy, vegetable dishes when you want to stick to a low calorie, high nutrition diet. Chunky soup recipes, and pureed soup recipes that Carla refers to as “peacock” because they are so beautiful, and broth recipes for meats and vegetables. If you love homemade soups, this cookbook will be especially useful.

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There are many delicious traditional recipes with a number of ingredients that might make you  want to pass them by because they look like they are too hard to make, but at second glance the way the instructions are expressed you will see that the instructions take care of any confusion. Carla mentions how she had wholesome homemade Southern dishes when growing up that she loved and some of the recipes in this cookbook are similar. Her tips that are found at the end of many recipes are wonderful. You’ll find tips like; how to slice, prepare and freeze to use later, shortcuts on assembling ingredients, adding the toppings to the salad just before serving, and more.

Desserts galore! From scratch you will feel like a confectionary pro whipping up recipes for your loved ones like, Granny’s Five-Flavor Pound Cake and Chocolate Espresso Napoleons. You’ll learn how to transform ingredients, even leftovers, into miraculous meals. Everything about this book is based on joyful experiences and well tested inspiring dishes you can share with your family and friends. Dishes for everyone: delicious seafood recipes with a Southern flare, meaty roasts, mixed greens, dishes with beans like the “Hoppin John Salad”. Vegetarian recipes: Black Bean Patties with Mango Relish and Tropical Vinaigrette, Rustic Mushroom Tart, and yummy Creamy Mac and Cheese.

If you read the introduction, near the end of it you’ll find where Carla shares moments from her very own wedding with the readers. She mentions how she had her family and friends got busy in the kitchen! They had the opportunity to express themselves through their favorite dishes that they wanted to enjoy with Carla, and all who were present. This was a very special part of the celebration for her. Cooking with Love, is all about comfort food and happy times to be shared with loved ones.

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