Esalen Cookbook by Charlie Cascio

Healthy & Organic Recipes from Big Sur
by Charlie Cascio

Esalen Cookbook by Charlie Cascio

Only a lucky few get the opportunity to spend time recharging themselves at the world-renowned Esalen Institute, perched on the cliffs above the ocean in Big Sur, California. Esalen is a place of peace and beauty, where people can contemplate, think, and discover. And wouldn’t you know, the kitchen (along with the kitchen garden of course) is the heart of this tranquil get-away. Now, lucky for all we can recreate a bit of that serenity in our own kitchens with The Esalen Cookbook by chef Charlie Cascio.

These are meals one can enjoy at home every day – true comfort foods to soothe the soul and heart. Blue Cheese Scones; new combination for us and now a new favorite for breakfast. We equally love Grandma’s German Goulash and the Chicken Enchiladas with New Mexico Ranchero Sauce. The Cream of Tomato Soup; so simple yet so sublime – made with tomato juice. And, when was the last time you found a recipe in a cookbook for that classic little Chinese omelet; Egg Foo Young?
And what’s serenity without a little chocolate – The Chocolate Wacky Cake is one of their most-served desserts and it’s vegan so completely guilt-free

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