Food Festivals of Italy

Celebrated Recipes From 50 Food Fairs
by Leonardo Curti and James Fraioli

What other country but Italy could one dedicate a lavish, hardcover picture book devoted entirely to food fairs and events. France perhaps, but the more social and informal nature of Italian cooking promises one that is more varied and useable to home cooks. Food Festivals of Italy is a cookbook whose theme is to celebrate the unique food fairs of Italy.The book is organized traditionally beginning with Antipasti, then Primi, Secondi and finishing with Dolce. Each section highlights 2 or 3 recipes from one of the 50 featured fairs includes. The recipes are preceded by a brief description of each festival. First up is the Artichoke Festival featuring recipes for Artichoke and Potato Stew and Stuffed Italian Artichokes. Next is the Balsamic Vinegar Festival in Emilia Romagna, with an outstanding recipe for Potato and Leek Soup with aged balsamic Vinegar. The tour continues with festivals devoted expected classics like the Garlic Festival, Salami Festival, Mushroom Festival, Pasta and Pizza Festivals to some lesser-known surpises such as the Pumpkin Festival, Rabbit Festival and Frog Festival.

Throughout the book featured recipes and gorgeous photography capture the essence of their star ingredient, and all are well presented and very easy to make at home – sadly we must import our Italian ingredients to recreate these authentic treats. Food Festivals of Italy is a celebration of all we love about Italian food and a reminder of what makes this cuisine so diverse, and accessible.

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