Food to Live By

The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook
by Myra Goodman

Myra Goodman and her husband were true organic pioneers when they started their organic raspberry patch in Carmel California in 1984. Today Earthbound Bound farms provides organic produce of all kinds to chefs across the country. Food to Live By is a collection of philosophies on growing food, ideas for healthier eating and over 260 recipes for casual eating cultivated over twenty years of living and growing organic foods.

Both a cookbook and lifestyle book, Food to Live By begins fittingly with a bit on the history of farming and the birth of the organic farming revolution followed by a bit of politics on why Earthbound is so committed to organic foods and farming. With statistics, examples and good use of plain language the authors a pretty convincing argument for embracing organic foods, making good food choices and striving to eat and grow pesticide free foods. The choice is obviously healthier for us, our environment and our children.

Honoring Earthbound’s roots in raspberries, the recipe section begins with a fine section on preserves and sweets. Raspberry Corn Muffins; Apricot Raspberry Jam and Raspberry Apple Sauce are enticing ways to preserve a bit of summer. The remaining recipes are organized traditionally with a good balance of vegetarian and meat and seafood dishes. Don’t assume because the author grows organic produce that they are vegetarians, there are a few of their family favorites here to satisfy non-vegetarians such as Flank Steak with Lemon Shallot Marinade; Prosciutto Wrapped Beef Kabobs and Farm Stand Meatballs. Naturally there are some real standouts in the Vegetarian Mains sections, Grilled Vegetable Lasagna and Swiss Chard with Raisins and Pine Nuts.

The colourful design, and great photos of fresh produce in the field, on the stand, on the table and in finished dishes not only showcase the casual recipes but also give the book a very personal, friendly look and provide a nice glimpse into life on Earthbound Farm.

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Posted by Food Junkie on January 26, 2007
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