Happy Days with the Naked Chef

by Jamie Oliver

Cooking sensation Jamie Oliver returns with a third cookbook, stripping fine food down to the basics with recipes that are fresh, flavorful, and feisty. He believes in finding the best ingredients and making tasty, easy, social meals.

Like his first two bestselling cookbooks, Happy Days is filled with fantastic salads, pastas, meat, fish, breads, and desserts for all occasions. In “Comfort Grub” Jamie gives you his contemporary twists on old favorites, and in “Quick Fixes” he whips up really delicious, easy dinners—just right for when you get home late from work. The “Kids’ Club” chapter is all about involving your kids in your cooking, like having them squash fresh tomatoes for pasta, pit olives, and knead and shape bread. For Jamie Oliver, food is all about Happy Days—good fun and great eating.

Jamie Oliver started cooking in his parents’ pub when he was eight years old. His first two series of The Naked Chef on the Food Network grabbed the attention of millions of viewers; the accompanying cookbooks were national bestsellers. Oliver currently cooks at Monte’s Restaurant in London, and is the food editor of the UK editions of Marie Claire, GQ, and The Times Magazine. He lives with his wife and child in London.

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