Jamie’s Kitchen

A Complete Cooking Course
by Jamie Oliver

This companion to his UK television show which took 15 unemployed, enthusiastic kids and trained them to be chefs (good enough to open a restaurant in the end) is laid out as a cooking course to give new cooks confidence needed to get started in the kitchen.

We love Jamie’s Kitchen because of it’s full of one-of-a-kind, workable, delicious recipes (Proscuitto and Pecorino, Citrus-Seared Tuna with Crispy Noodles, Herbs and Chili…), all brought off with Jamie Oliver’s signature charm and wit.

It includes all the basic techniques—making salads, cooking without heat, poaching and boiling, steaming, stewing and braising, roasting, grilling, and baking. Jamie’s laid back, approachable style works for us every time.

A confidence-inspiring charmer, Oliver constantly reminds us that cooking should be fun.”—Food & Wine

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Posted by Food Junkie on September 4, 2006
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