Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home

by Julia Child , Jacques Pepin

Cook some classic dishes with two professionals for the price of one book. Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home is the companion volume to a public television series hosted by Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. Julia and Jacques have their own distinct opinions and approaches to cooking, and while they may not agree on what temperature to roast a chicken or the best way to scramble an egg, they certainly agree that cooking should be fun, and that once key techniques are mastered, there is room for improvisation and putting your own signature on a dish.

Julia approaches each dish in the spirit of a home cook (a pretty accomplished one at that) and Jacques’ approach is with precision and perfectionism honed over the years as a professional. Their dialogue and individual way of doing things (Julia’s way vs. Jacques’ way) perfectly enhance 150 of their favorite recipes from appetizers, soups, eggs, salads, sandwiches, potatoes, vegetables, fish, poultry, meat and desserts.

In addition to the recipes themselves, there are some great tips and techniques sections… Julia & Jacques on Steaks and Pan-Frying; Julia on Beating Egg Whites with a Mixer and Jacques on Beating Egg Whites by Hand; Julia on Testing Meat for Doneness… that are really informative. There are also some fine photographs of both the finished dishes and the step by step techniques.

Not only a great reference book of no-fail, satisfying recipes from two of the brightest stars in the kitchen, Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home is a great book for learning new techniques and to hone your cooking skills. And, as Julia always insists… Toujours Bon Appetit!

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Posted by Food Junkie on February 28, 2004
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