Lulu’s Provencal Table

The Exuberant Food and Wine from the Domaine Tempier Vineyard
by Richard Olney

This part cookbook, part biography from food writer Richard Onley is a glimpse into his longtime friend Lulu’s French kitchen, where in the author’s own words, “the cuisine is at the same time traditional and intuitive”. The rhythm of the exchanges between writer and cook make the reader feel like a welcome visitor in this Provencal kitchen. The collection of archival photographs of Lulu’s kitchen, Olney’s home, and the “domain” provide the perfect backdrop to a story between two friends sharing some truly heartwarming dishes and tales.

Olney presents the seasons and menus at the vineyard with a selection of recipes and instructions loose enough for the home cook to improvise and use their own ingredients at hand. Richard Olney is a writer that most food writers aspire to, and Lulu’s Provencal Table has some of his finest wrapped up in a beautiful package.

A goldmine of authentic Provencal cooking.”—Patricia Wells, cookbook author and food writer

Lulu’s indefatigable spirit in the kitchen and her recipes transcribed here so lovingly and accurately by Richard Olney represent to me the apotheosis of what is often called in France ‘la cuisine de bonne Femme’”—Alice Waters, cookbook author

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