Serena, Food & Stories

Feeding Friends Every Hour of the Day
by Serena Bass

New York City caterer and hostess extraordinare Serena Bass shares 100 of her favorite recipes for throwing together memorable and ultra casual chic parties for friends. Quirky, eclectic, eccentric and a little cheeky, Bass offers unselfconsciously charming stories of her life, her food experiences and joyful party tips. All of the meals she shares with us are unpretentious, homey and hugely appealing, and most can be prepared in a flash for even those cooks possessed of party-phobia. Worse case, have a glass of wine, savour Serena’s entertaining tales and order in.

This book is a charming, accessible and most importantly, useful guide to entertaining. Serena, Food & Stories is a terrific blend of authentic personal stories, photographs, illustrations, and recipes for cooks of all levels.

Serena cooks (and writes about cooking) the way she lives her life – with style and humour, and the confident conviction that for her it’s quite possible to be practical and romantic in the kitchen at the same time.” – Coleman Andrews, Editor-in-Chief, Saveur Magazine

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Posted by Food Junkie on October 5, 2007
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