The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life – by Timothy Ferriss

The 4-Hour Chef by Timoth Ferriss

Using Jason Bourne crossed with Julia Childs as listed on the cover for a description of the author makes you wonder what goes on this cookbook. The actual title of this book itself says it all. This cookbook is really designed for the beginner cook, or someone who is trying to force them self to cook because they’ve despised it for one reason or another and need one on one type coaching techniques that are very specialized. Yet, a seasoned cook can get a real kick out reading this too. The recipes when you get to them are interesting and it is illustrated in a unique way.

Timothy Ferriss the author, mentions a quote from Bruce Lee in this section; 6 Reasons for Reading this Book, Even if you Hate Cooking (As I Did), “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”

He includes; a chronology from his 1st authentic culinary creation at the age of 2, a handful of crickets! Timothy goes on about his years of struggling with the joys and downfalls of being a master of cooking (not really back then) but that feeling of wanting it kind of….It’s very, very funny. And, indeed he describes many compelling moments of his life relating to food.

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The 4-Hour Chef is a bit psychological and scientific. The way moments and situations are blended in with frame of mind and results, are something you have to pay attention to or else you’ll miss it and have to read it again. He notes a number of famous individuals for having developed into their very own persona by using the Meta basis of mentality-the striving to complete a goal within a 6 month period of time. By now you might be confused-that’s because it is confusing. This cookbook is much more than cooking. Timothy wants you to know that if you apply yourself you can become a master at what you want. In this case cooking.

In one section there are a series of tests on smelling-checking your senses. He really wants you to take the time and analyze yourself. See if you get the enjoyment of each forkful in a meal. Really savor the flavors and scents of what you are eating. Tastes and sensations are profiled so you can understand their differences and apply them to your creations.

Techniques are listed and approached with the tactics of mastering them so you can be the master of all you do with that technique: braising, sautéing and things like that. Basics like you would find in cooking 101 are blended in so you don’t forget that this really is a cooking instruction book. Culinary school training tips, how to use knives for special effects and for short cuts. Various food/cooking topics are covered well. The recipe sections are stylish and fascinating. There is a lot of diversity in this one book.

What goes on from the beginning to the end really is a mystery. The value of this book as a plain old basic learning how to cook book is something I can’t calculate. It’s unique. I find this book more of a treat for the tired of typical cook books and a great yearning for suspense and comedy with a psychological twist, and a splash of get in the kitchen with a glass of wine for some gourmet fun moments.

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