The America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook

The Recipes, Equipment, Ratings, Food Tastings, and Science Experiments from the Hit Public Television Show
by Editors of Cook's Illustrated

America’s Test Kitchen is the hit public television show filmed in the offices of Cook’s Illustrated Magazine just outside of Boston. Here the editors develop recipes, rate cookware, taste-test ingredients, and perform science experiments—all in the name of good cooking. Let them figure out for you the secret to fudgey brownies and 90-minute roast turkey. This companion book provides the recipes, cookware ratings, and tastings from the show along with more than 100 photos that give you an insider’s peek of America’s most famous test kitchen. 32 pages of full-color photography, as well as 100 hand drawn illustrations demonstrate the techniques.

The no nonsense, scientific tone and accompanying illustrations we love from the magazine give us a real sense of security. These cooks have done their homework, and these recipes simply won’t fail. It’s like cooking with your home economics teacher right by your side. The “Science Desk” section and Equipment Corner are easy ways to learn the basic science of cooking. And, you can’t go wrong when each recipe contains a quick recap of “what we wanted”: Steaks cooked on the stove that were every bit as good as grilled, and “what we learned”: Sear boneless strip or rib-eye steaks in a preheated, non-reactive 12-inch skillet, reducing the heat once the steaks go into the pan to keep the fond from burning.

2002 IACP Award Winner, American category.

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Posted by Food Junkie on January 28, 2004
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