The Balthazar Cookbook

by Keith McNally

French brasserie cooking is the ultimate in comfort foods, and no book in recent memory has captured its essence, style, and flavor so perfectly as The Balthazar Cookbook. From the evocative and timeless red cover, to the cozy images of the restaurant’s interior and heaping plates of food throughout (100 color and 40 b&w images), this book literally takes one to another time and place… so pour yourself a glass of Burgundy and bring on the Steak Frites.

When restaurateur Keith McNally and co-chefs Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson opened Manhattan’s Balthazar in 1997, it immediately became the place to eat and be seen in North America. Now they bring it home with a collection of their classic, most-loved, most-accessible French dishes—Moules a la Mariniere; Salad Nicoise; Steak Tartare; Bouillabaisse; Coq au Vin; Cassoulet; Blanquette de Veau; the classic sides of Frites and various Gratins, and finish nicely with sweet favorites such as Crème Brulee. This is real, honest-to-goodness food, simple to prepare for those who like to pile on the garlic, bacon, and flavor.

The Balthazar Cookbook also give readers an entertaining glimpse into the inner workings and dynamics of a hugely popular restaurant. Secrets are revealed and insider tips shared, the writing is witty and engaging, and the recipes and techniques offered are clear and concise. Buying this book is the next best thing to getting into one of the most coveted restaurants in New York—at a fraction of the cost!

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Posted by Food Junkie on September 4, 2006
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Michelle February 24, 2008 at 4:58 am

Wonderful, classy “traditional” design. Makes me crave a nice steak frites! Cheers, Michelle.


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