The Best 30-Minute Recipe by Cooks Illustrated

The Best 30-Minute Recipe by Cooks Illustrated

The Best 30-Minute Recipe provides thoroughly tested ingredients by America’s Test Kitchen and recipes for anyone who wants a delicious dish in a few minutes. The short cuts are tested by professionals to make sure they have that flavor and consistency that makes a recipe special. It’s all about getting ingredients together that make a very tasty dish easily and quickly. Short cuts like pre-shredded cheese, canned tomato sauce, and convenience foods were tested to make sure these ingredients have value to include in a number of recipes in this book. Methods listed help to get a big fancy meal the kind grandma would make that would normally take hours to the table in a matter of minutes. It makes cooking exciting and fun when you’re pressed for time.

Perfect for flavorful eating are the quick stir-fry recipes and finger foods like Buffalo wings. Instructions on what to do with ingredients that bring color and appealing aroma along with great flavors for your dining experience to your table in a short time help to make this cookbook desirable for the busy cook.

Over three Hundred tested recipes to prepare and cook within 30 minutes make this a great buy. The Best 30-Minute Recipe contains 150 illustrations and 16 pages of color photos designed by professional cooks to help you enjoy a fast food delight right from your own kitchen.

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America’s Test Kitchen where these recipes are really tested is about 2,500 square feet. Over 3 dozen professional cooks and product testers work on the same recipe 30 times and even up to 70 times on some so the recipe is perfected. They combine the ingredients, technique, and cooking process to deliver the exact steps for you to whip it up yourself.

If you are looking for quality recipes and a guide to cut preparation and cooking time this will do the trick. A considerable amount of information is offered about creating an extravagant meal (a few courses if you’d like) in a time frame that works for you. Page after page you’ll find hints on what to buy that are canned vs. cooking your own from scratch and still get that homemade taste. Recipes for making meatloaf, ziti, lasagna, chicken and more in one baking dish or pot are easy to understand. It’s all about condensing, making smaller portions at the same time of a big dish to cook faster and other tricks to get that dish ready fast.

It’s amazing how the recipes are cared for. All of the time spent to analyze ingredients and each step in making the dishes has really been handled and documented to perfection so you can be the 30 minute chef you always dreamed of.

Enjoy an adventure in the kitchen with this cookbook. You will relish the time you invest in reading the suggestions for flavor boosting. And, you will be rest assured that all is under control because the recipes are fool proof.

They even add information on how to create your own recipes or switch around ingredients for variations. It also includes homemade old fashioned dishes like pot pies. This is a cookbook every cook should have.

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