The French Laundry Cookbook

by Thomas Keller

The French Laundry Cookbook is the long awaited, much praised, and award-winning cookbook from Thomas Keller, owner of the French Laundry in Napa Valley which is according to Wine Spectator “as close to dining perfection as it gets.” The French Laundry Cookbook captures every bit of the Keller magic.

Keller delivers 150 recipes that reflect his creative perfectionism and attention to detail, “Cooking is not about convenience, and it’s not about shortcuts. Take your time. Move slowly and deliberately, and with great attention” instructs purist Keller. Keller’s techniques are classic while his presentation of food is daring and inventive… Butter-Poached Maine Lobster with Creamy Lobster Broth and Mascarpone-Enriched Orzo, and his signature dish “Peas and Carrots” (lobster-filled crepes with a carrot emulsion sauce, topped with a pea shoot salad dressed lightly with lemon-infused oil).

Given the time and Keller’s precise instruction, most cooks could indeed recreate these labor-intensive, labor-of-love dishes, however, much of the pleasure of this book is found leafing through the stunning pages and transporting yourself to the restaurant, while Thomas Keller serves you one exotic course after another. The French Laundry Cookbook has raised the bar in food photography and production, and is the chef/restaurant-inspired cookbook that all others aspire to be.

The most exciting place to eat in the United States.”—Ruth Reichl, The New York Times

An astonishing cook, blessed with rare intelligence and impeccable taste.”—Los Angeles Times

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Posted by Food Junkie on October 2, 2005
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Michelle February 24, 2008 at 6:41 am

Slick book, but maybe too fancy for the kitchen. Looks great on a coffee table for sure. Cheers, Michelle.


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