The New Intercourses

An Aphrodisiac Cookbook
by Martha Hopkins, Randall Lockridge

Celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary with a new edition, New Intercourses by Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge has been expanded and updated to include 60 new dishes bringing it to 135 couple tested recipes designed to woo your heart, palate and generally increase your mojo.

The authors delve into the classic and lesser know aphrodisiacs – there are 19 sensual foods explored in the book – offering first a brief history lesson for each followed by a selection of tasteful and tasty recipes for each. The recipes range from the straightforward (Indoor S’mores for Gown-ups; Strawberries Drenched in Honeyed Cream; Chocolate Fig Bundles) to the more adventurous (Rabbit in a Mustard Sauce a la Colette; Mango-Black Bean Empanadas). The libations section is particularily illuminating with such treats as Champagne Laced with Raspberry; Mint Chocolate Smoothie and the LIttle Death by Chocolate.

Written with both witt and wisdom, each section is framed by tasteful and evocative photos celebrating the sensuality of the human form and sensory arrousing foods. The New Intercourses is an artful collection of photographs along with a fine collection of recipes to help one explore and have fun with their sensual side. All in good taste and to a good end for all!

Just so we don’t leave you hanging, here is a list of the most sensuous aphrodesiacs uncovered in The New Intercourses… chocolate; asparagus; chiles; coffee; basil; grapes; strawberries; honey; artichokes; ginger; black beans (who knew!); oysters; rosemary; edible flowers; seafood; pine nuts; avacodo; libations and figs.

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