The Oxford Companion to Food

by Alan Davidson

The Oxford Companion to Food now in its 2nd edition, is an outstanding culinary reference packed with 2,650 delightfully written A-Z entries—including 39 feature articles on staple foods—most by the renowned, engaging writer Alan Davidson, and with additional articles by over 50 specialists.

The coverage is impressive, with the most wide-ranging treatment ever of foods and food products and how to use them. Indeed, The Oxford Companion is all inclusive—plant products, meats, birds and eggs, dairy products, nuts, aquatic plant foods, cereals, and exotic foods. The everyday to the bizarre and rare, common to exotic, it’s all here conveniently organized, cross-referenced, and thoroughly explained. Although it does not include recipes, this James Beard award winning reference is the ideal combination of practical information and entertainment.

Whether a professional, or simply a curious home cook, anyone with an appetite for food, cooking, and social history should have both The Oxford Companion to Food (more info on plants, herbs & national cuisines) and the Larousse Gastronomique (includes recipes and cooking tips) for a complete culinary reference set.

This is one that’s destined to find its way onto the bookshelf of everyone who’s serious about food and wine. Might as well buy it now; you’ll have to sooner or later. There are very few books that deserve to be called instant classics, but this is one of them. Full of information both utterly practical and delightfully obscure, it is written with an uncompromising eye for accuracy and a rich sense of detail.”—The Los Angeles Times

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Posted by Food Junkie on September 9, 2006
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