A Chef's Travels in Turkey
by Greg and Lucy Malouf

Turquoise is the follow up book to the equally stunning Saha (A Chef’s Travels in Lebanon and Syria) by Australian husband and wife and writing team Greg and Lucy Malouf. He cooks, she writes and together they create beautiful cookbooks with authentic and extraordinary dishes and stories of the country they visit. The Maloufs travelled through the diverse culinary landscape of Turkey to show a less than informed public that there is much more to Turkish cuisine than eggplants. Rarely does a book so beautifully capture the people and culture of a region. We cannot say enough about how beautiful this book is, the photography, the design, the layout are all perfectly executed.

Ultimately Tuquoise is a book that celebrates the food culture of a country and the photographs chosen for the book truly capture the story and mood of the place. And the food, it’s a revelation. Chicken and Pistachio Pizzas, Slow Cooked Lamb with Quinces, Shepard’s Spinach and Sticky Date Pilaf with Golden Pine Nuts and Almonds are some of the dishes I’ve recreated at home with great results. But this book is so much more than a cookbook, it is an honest and captivating peak into the lives and landscape of this extraordinary country. The food, the history and the people come to life with a well written narative that introduces each chapter and recounts Lucy Malouf and her husband’s experiences.

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Posted by Food Junkie on November 14, 2008
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