The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero

With their previous cookbooks Vegan with a Vegeance and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Authors Moskowitz and Romero won a loyal following among vegan devotes and critics alike for their unbridled enthusiasm, chatty asides and delicious recipes. Thankfully they were sufficiently energized to create this follow up. Veganomicon is a ‘big, bold vegan cookbook that doesn’t hold back any punches’. The word itself doesn’t mean anything, it is just the name they’ve coined for this good old-fashioned, all-purpose cookbook. The authors’ mission in life is to ‘prove that vegan food doesn’t have to be repetitive, difficult, or inaccessible, and the beauty of vegan cuisine is that it draws on influences from every part of the world to create an entirely new way to eat. And we explore the dickens out of that in the Veganomicon; stuffing samosas filling them into baked potatoes, throwing apples into green chile, tossing lemongras into risotto.’ That is the sort of innovative cooking and ballsy attitude continues to win them so many fans.

As with any self-respecting all-purpose cookbook Veganomicon gives new cooks the necessary tools and skills to bring them up to speed with sections on pantry items; kitchen equipment; cooking terminology; tips on lower-fat cooking and some necessary tips in sections devoted to How to Cook a Vegetable and a Grain. There are also handy icons flagging those recipes that are soy free, low fat, gluten free and dishes that can be prepared in under 45 minutes. Throughout the book their voice is both reassuring and friendly and they seem to know just when we might need a helpful tip and throw in the ever useful sidebar. In all there are over 250 very satisfying and versatile recipes in Veganomican which will allow any cook on a regular basis and without much fuss ‘transform edible roots, shoots,leaves and fruits from an array of plants with critically applied heat, oils, and seasonings, so that they will be eaten with great pleasure and the least amount of complaining.’ Who knew eating your vegetables could be this much fun.

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Posted by Food Junkie on April 24, 2008
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