Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

by Deborah Madison

Both a fine writer and cook, Deborah Madison is truly passionate about what we grow and put on our tables. There are more than 800 recipes in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, no long ingredient lists, no fancy gimmicks, no disappointments, everything looks and works beautifully. This is appealing and healthy food. In addition to the recipes, there is comprehensive information about ingredients and techniques, making this an accessible book for cooks of any level.

Every home cook—vegetarians and carnivores alike—should have a copy of bestseller Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison. This 10th anniversary edition of this classic, James Beard Award winner is a standard reference for vegetarians and those just wanting to cook with healthier, fresher, and ideally local ingredients.

If I could have only one book on the subject of vegetables, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone would be it. Deborah Madison has produced an impressive collection of information, instruction and recipes. This is a major work that reflects all of her talents.”—Marion Cunningham, author of the Fannie Farmer Cookbook

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Posted by Food Junkie on June 2, 2007
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