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Paleo Cookbooks by Nikki Young

Paleo Cookbooks are the creation of Nikki Young, a cutting edge recipe guru. She uses her culinary skills to create each recipe for results that are fascinating and incredibly great for you.  The paleo strategy is a healthy, alternative way to prepare delicious meals and enlighten unhealthy structured eating routines. Nutritional ingredients are combined for results as; boosting energy, maintaining healthy weight, rejuvenating skin cells, increasing circulation and boosting the immune system. Meal planning and introductions on how to go about getting into the groove of a healthier eating lifestyle are incorporated in this 2 volume collection that contains crisp color photos and is sure to be welcomed in your kitchen. Read the full review »


The Treats Truck Baking Book by Kim Ima

Food trucks are all the rage these days and author/food truck owner Kim Ima, reinforces the belief that if you are passionate about something and can visualize it, you can make it happen and be successful.

“I want to make it real,” I told my friend. It was love. And when it’s love, what else can you do? Find a truck, learn how to drive in the city, learn how to make your favorite brownie recipe, times ten, and open for business.” ~ Kim Ima, The Treats Truck Baking Book Read the full review »


How to Roast a Lamb by Michael Psilakis

At last, a cookbook to take me back to meals I savoured in family-owned restaurants while visiting the Greek Islands. Occasionally one finds a Greek restaurant that touches on some of the authentic flavours, ingredients and moods of Greek feasting- and yes, the ouzo helps. However, my cookbook shelf has held a hopeful space for a book that would allow me to recreate those dishes at home. It was with great satisfaction that I flipped through Michael Psilakis’ How to Roast a Lamb. This is not a cookbook filled with cliché dishes of our version of Greek cuisine, but true Greek cuisine by a chef with both skill and passion. Read the full review »


My Father's Daughter by Gwyneth PaltrowSo, it would appear that Gwyneth Paltrow can add successful cookbook author to her CV along with her many other talent. As skeptical as I was going in to the review for My Father’s Table, I was actually pleasantly surprised by the number of dishes that not only sparked my own culinary recollections, but I was pretty eager to prepare for my own family. Read the full review »

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Paella by Alberto Herraiz

Dust off your paella pans, finally a definitive collection of recipes for this classic Spanish dish. Paella is the first cookbook in English by paella master, Alberto Herraiz, and he brings all of his knowledge of tradition and technique to the table. There are 108 recipes, including some rarely seen ‘sweeter’ versions. Want to create a memorable party? Take the largest paella pan you can carry outside to create your dish in the open air. Everyone takes a turn adding ingredients and stirring the pot. There’s an entire section of instruction and recipes for creating authentic paella on an open fire or grill. Read the full review »


Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson

Tartine Bread is my ideal bread book. No more excuses, no more stalling, time to expand beyond pizza dough and brioche. Bread baking is very personal by nature. We all take to the ovens with varying degrees of enthusiasm, skill, and expectations. Not to mention time commitments. The most important element of a bread book, apart from the inclusion of recipes for breads you want to make and henceforth eat, is finding one that complements Read the full review »


Esalen Cookbook by Charlie Cascio

Only a lucky few get the opportunity to spend time recharging themselves at the world-renowned Esalen Institute, perched on the cliffs above the ocean in Big Sur, California. Esalen is a place of peace and beauty, where people can contemplate, think, and discover. And wouldn’t you know, the kitchen (along with the kitchen garden of course) is the heart of this tranquil get-away. Read the full review »


Flour by Joanne Chang

As cliché as this might sound, I really want to bake everything in Joanne Chang’s new baking book, Flour, Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Café. Really, there’s not a recipe I don’t want to try. She makes it all look easy, delicious and impossible to resist. There’s nothing over-the-top and too showy in this collection; just good old-fashioned treats. Read the full review »


Coco by Editors of Phaidon Press

With Coco, publisher Phaidon Press has created a must-have reference for professional chefs, instructors, culinary students and culinary enthusiasts. To compile this list of who’s who in the international culinary scene, the editors asked 10 World-Leading Masters of the art to select and profile 100 of the best emerging chefs from around the world. Read the full review »


Noma by Rene Zedzepi

At the 2010 World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards, a relative newcomer; Noma of Copenhagen unseated the reigning champion, Spain’s El Bulli. The tiny restaurant (12 tables) is helmed by youngish chef Rene Redzepi who is credited with bringing ‘new Nordic’ cuisine to the world stage while literally shaking the foundations of haute cuisine. Redzepi has an uncompromising approach to local eating, seasonal and wild foraged ingredients are not just the stars – they make the dish. Rather than luxury standards like foie gras and tuna tartare, guests dine on truly Nordic ingredients as musk ox, Read the full review »


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