Little Bites That Delight Before the Meal Begins
by Rick Tramonto

A French phrase meaning “amusement for the mouth”, amuse-bouche are the appetizer to the appetizer, a French culinary tradition that author and chef Rick Tramanto introduces to the home cook with his award-winning cookbook. According to Tramonto, amuse bouche are the gastronomical equivalent of receiving a “kiss from the chef”. And, in his celebrated Chicago eatery, TRU, the chef/author produces 500 amuses every day served by the mouthful, forkful, spoonful—anything goes—the more creative, the better to impress. In his cookbook he shares some of his own and his customers’ favorites to create at home. These ought to impress even your most culinary of highbrow friends. Thankfully, there are over 50 color photographs to help us get it right.

Half the fun of an “amuse” according to Tramonto, is in the presentation. Almost anything can be used to serve an amuse. “Go to Home Depot where you can find tiles and small pieces of cut glass which work beautifully”. Amuses can be savory, sweet, simple or spectacular. With over 100 recipes, including a directory of sources for specialty products, this book provides you with ample instruction and inspiration to create your own little bite-sized masterpieces that look good enough to eat. Say, Goodbye bruschetta, hello Black Mission Figs with Mascarpone Foam!

“Rick Tramonto is one of America’s most creative chefs at work today. The tiny tastes Rick teaches us to prepare will light up any table with the spark that every great dinner party needs. This book will help any cook to unleash his or her imagination and transform any meal into an experience. These amuse-bouche stimulate not only the palate, but the conversation as well.”—Michael Lomonaco, Noche

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Posted by Food Junkie on December 4, 2004
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