by Babette de Rozieres

In Creole, chef and author Babette de Roziers honours her heritage and a love of simply prepared, authentic foods instilled in her by her grandmother growing up in Guateloupe. From her home in the French Antilles her travels and cooking took her to Paris, home again, then back to France where she recreates the dishes of her childhood home at the renowned Creole restaurant La Table de Babette. With a collection of 160 of some of the most famous West Indian dishes and hundreds of stunning photographs, Creole is bursting with the energy of New Orleans and the freshness of the Caribbean.

Babette’s grandma taught her well and the dishes in this extraordinary book are a true celebration of the vibrant, fresh and colorful flavors of Creole cuisine. A happy blend of African, Asian, Indian French and Spanish tastes and traditions, Creole cooking is full flavored and refined food, mildly spiced with a healthy helping of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables. The sun-drenched, bright photographs of the finished dishes have an appealing warmth and freshness. There is a wealth of authentic yet approachable and charming recipes for fish and shellfish, meat, poultry, vegetables…or fruit, an array of sauces which so enhance and define Creole cooking and desserts and sweets. The collection includes a selection of sunny thirst quenchers called Tipunch and Company.

Unencumbered by extraneous text, the book allows the dishes to tell the story and effectively uses photographs of the islands of Guadeloupe to capture the essence of the food and its roots. With photographs of rocky coastlines, sun-drenched markets, the fresh catch of the day and earthy displays of spices and fresh produce, page after page it literally captures the heart of a special place, it’s culture and cuisine and the warmth of the summer sun. A book with true heart and soul that will brighten up your palate and soul.

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Posted by Food Junkie on January 21, 2008
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Michelle February 24, 2008 at 5:32 pm

A truly gorgeous book! Great photos and inspiring dishes. Love the format with the padded cover and bright colors. Highly recommended for sure, 5 stars *****. Cheers, Michelle.


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