by Rocco Dispirito

Star of the television reality show The Restaurant, Rocco DiSpirito brings together his zest for full-flavored food and living in one neat, colorful package. Before he was a television star, DiSpirito was a much lauded chef of the critically acclaimed Union Pacific Restaurant in NYC. The recipes presented in his book draw from his experience and expertise, while providing home cooks with more than enough tools, tips and tricks to make them all easily accessible. Flavor is also a lot of fun…

Suggested menus such as Pants Are Too Tight, and Blow Out Celebration bring us Organic Chicken with Beans and Crushed Red Beets, or Jamon de Bayonne, Baby Artichokes and Arugula, as well as, Whit Truggle Risotto with a Gulf Shrimp Fondue. A nice touch are colored dots with each recipe to indicate which ingredients provide which flavors; prep times, level of difficulty, yield and a brief wine suggestion—yet another neat way of making these restaurant inspired recipes no-fail for even the novice.

Flavor is a spirited, original, lively and colorful package full of fun, festive dishes to make any home cook feel like a star. The original, bold design make this one a standout. Crisp, neat shots of finished dishes and of every key ingredient gives the book a fresh modern look.

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Posted by Food Junkie on September 16, 2005
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