Jeremiah Tower Cooks

250 Recipes from an American Master
by Jeremiah Tower

As founding chef at California’s famed Chez Panisse, chef at San Francisco’s Stars, Jeremiah Tower has often been named in food circles, the Father of California cooking, and one of America’s greatest chefs. In Jeremiah Tower Cooks he presents a selection of his signature deluxe, extraordinary, yet somehow approachable dishes for home cooks to try their hands at. While there are many that are simply there for inspiration, those are balanced by enough recipes where Tower gives a nod to the home cook, giving them a dash of realism by recommending available ingredients. For example, in his Mushroom Salad while his preference is for “tissue-thin sliced fresh boletus or Caesar’s Amanita”, he rightly recognizes the impracticality of this for many, and offers up the acceptable choice of good old available white mushrooms as the star ingredient.

There are over 250 recipes in Jeremiah Tower Cooks, traditional dishes of course, with some twists and surprises; Spit-Roasted Chinatown Suckling Pig Pizza (he rightly suggests store-bought pre-roasted pig), Chicken Pot Pies with First Crop Garlic and White Corn; Pork Tenderloin in Caramelized Sugar and Ginger Sauce are but a few of the standout selections. The classic, clean design is complemented by 20 illustrative paintings that provide a more timeless backdrop to these recipes than photographs would.
Jeremiah Tower is a master chef who truly knows how to make food that is both simple and refined; creative, show-stopping dishes from a professional that are at the same time accessible to home cooks. Time spent with this book both in and out of the kitchen is definitely well spent, and it is a must-have for those building a collection of best chef cookbooks.

“Anyone interested in American cooking will want to read this.”—Library Journal

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Posted by Food Junkie on September 14, 2004
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