Noma by Rene Zedzepi

Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine
by Rene Zedzepi

Noma by Rene Zedzepi

At the 2010 World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards, a relative newcomer; Noma of Copenhagen unseated the reigning champion, Spain’s El Bulli. The tiny restaurant (12 tables) is helmed by youngish chef Rene Redzepi who is credited with bringing ‘new Nordic’ cuisine to the world stage while literally shaking the foundations of haute cuisine. Redzepi has an uncompromising approach to local eating, seasonal and wild foraged ingredients are not just the stars – they make the dish. Rather than luxury standards like foie gras and tuna tartare, guests dine on truly Nordic ingredients as musk ox, burnt hay and cloudberries. How to translate such unique and subtle cuisine down to a cookbook without loosing its essence? By staying true to Rene’s own principles and putting the focus on the individual ingredients and their visual origins.

With Noma, publisher Phaidon Press has set the bar for all professional restaurant books to come. The production, photography and design are completely new, stunning and evocative; every picture tells a story about that ingredient. Like the restaurant itself there are no unnecessary decorative elements. Just the ingredients magically transported from their origin to plate with a very light added touch from chef Redzepi. Not embellishments, just perfect partnerships of ingredients. Accompanying the images of each dish are a selection of images that complete the story of Nordic cuisine and the origins of each dish. Nature has never been closer or more beautifully captured in a cookbook before. There is not a professional chef that will not want this book on their shelves for the pure artistry and integrity of the dishes.

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