A History of Candy
by Tim Richardson

My grandfather worked for a toffee company. My father was a dentist. So I have always had strong feelings about sweets. But I have never been confused. I like sweets. I like them a lot. And that is why I set about writing this book, the first ever world history of sweets.”  So begins Tim Richardson on his magical confectionary tour through time, space, and divine decadence. As captivating as his subject and full of ‘I didn’t know that” facts, Richardson’s research is thorough and his writing witty, fun, and stylish (naturally, as he’s a contributing editor at Wallpaper Magazine). Sweets is the perfect little gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, Sweets is manna… This history of candy is full of delights.”—New York Times Book Review
Sweets is an informative, entertaining grab-bag of personal opinion, anecdote and culinary history.”—Los Angeles Times

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Posted by Food Junkie on March 4, 2005
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