The Best Recipes in the World

by Mark Bittman

If you are one of the many fans of Mark Bittman bestseller How To Cook Everything then get ready to expand your horizons and take a culinary trip of a lifetime with The Best Recipes In the World. Not a writer to shy away from bold claims, Bittman once again delivers a book that lives up to it’s all-encompassing title. For those cooks wanting to peruse new cuisines this is an indispensable guide with one trustworthy voice guiding us through 44 countries and over 1000 recipes. In fact, there is such a dearth of recipes in this tome that Bittman includes an alphabetical recipe guide indicating which dish can be made ahead in 30 min. or less as well, recipes are indexed by cuisine in addition to alphabetical. Menu suggestions too are listed by both cuisine and theme.

By his own admission Bittman is a thoughtful but essentially lazy cook, therefore he follows these rules:
* I don’t use two ingredients where one will do
* I don’t mind spending a long time cooking a single dish as long as I don’t have to pay attention to what’s going on
* I’ll rarely use an ingredient not sold at a supermarket
* I think one great dish, one prepared thoughtfully and with love is a basis of a great meal

Good rules to live and cook by we think and true to his mantra you will find here a collection of recipes that while remaining true to their origins are made more accessible to the home cook of average skill.

“A brilliant project, a beautiful book, and must for any kitchen. Bravo, Mark!” – Lidi Bastianich, author of Lidia’s Family Table

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Posted by Food Junkie on September 5, 2006
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