The New Cook

by Donna Hay

Donna Hay’s first book, The New Cook, introduced home cooks to page after page of stylish, chic, and innovative dishes all wrapped up in a beautiful and amazingly affordable package. Donna believes that “good food is a combination of fresh ingredients and uncomplicated layers of flavour.”  The New Cook offers a great collection of inspiring, easy-to-prepare, no-fuss, and no-fail dishes, all presented in Donna Hay’s knock out style.

Her dishes are an ideal way of experimenting with global cuisine and unique ingredients without mucking about with complicated instructions and fancy techniques. For example Asian and Italian cuisines fit nicely together with such dishes as Pepper Linguini with Asian Herbs, Miso and Shiitake Risotto Cakes, and Saffron Porcini Risotto Cakes.

The dishes are organized logically in 12 sections—eggs, pasta, rice, noodles, vegetables, salads, meat… with 4 recipes per page. And, every one is perfectly photographed and perfectly presented.

We love Donna Hay’s books for their stylish ideas on every page, clear and clean layout and design, and simple, no-fuss, no-fail dishes that combine fresh and surprising ingredients.

Each time you flip through the pages of The New Cook, expect to be inspired to cook something. All in all, the perfect guide to quick preparation, easy cooking techniques, and inventive serving ideas.

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Posted by Food Junkie on February 1, 2004
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