The Ultimate Weight Solution

The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom
by Dr. Phil McGraw

While neither a cookbook or traditional menu/recipe-driven diet book, The Ultimate Weight Solution still belongs in the kitchen as it puts you in the driver’s seat towards weight loss, ultimately allowing you the freedom to make your own food choices, and meals that most suit you and your family.

Doctor Phil, well known Opera side-kick and host of his own popular television show, has spent over 30 years working with overweight patients and figuring out what really works. “I am determined to get you immediate results and do so in a way that will last a lifetime.” His goal, “Change yourself, change the way you think about dieting, change the way you think about food, change the way you think about your health.”

According to Dr. Phil, taking control of your weight and life is all about unlocking doors—to self control, to emotional control, to external control, to habit control, to food control, to body control, and to social control. Presented in Dr. Phil’s trademark no-nonsense, straight goods approach, the corresponding 7 keys to unlocking these doors are as follows:

1)  Right Thinking
2)  Healing Feelings
3)  A No-Fail Environment
4)  Mastery over Food and Impulse Eating
5)  High-Response Cost, High-Yield Nutrition
6)  Intentional Exercise
7)  Your Circle of Support

There are no gimmicks in The Ultimate Weight Solution, all in all, it is a simple-to-apply, logical program for weight loss presented by an engaging personality with authority.

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Posted by Food Junkie on August 4, 2004
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