On Food and Cooking

The Science and Lore of the Kitchen
by Harold McGee

With his revised edition of On Food and Cooking, world renowned author Harold Mcgee has taken his classic book, updated it with new cooking technology and science learned over the past 20 years to create the definitive book on explaining the science and nature of food and cooking. On Food and Cooking is an indispensable guide to everything we eat and how to best prepare food from a scientific perspective.

With a degree in both science and literature, and a authority on the chemistry of food and cooking, author Harold Mcgee presents the information in logical, bite sized pieces making it both easy to find and interpret. He makes effective use of charts, illustrations and most
importantly plain language to make complex issues easily understood.

Science can be used to to explain why things happen to food – from the effects of rigor mortis on fresh fish to why tomatoes should be stored at room temperature, but most importantly this book shows you how to apply the knowledge of science to better your cooking. In addition to the content on the science of ingredients (common to obscure), food groups and cooking techniques, there is information on the historical evolution of food, traditional and modern food production methods, health benefits and risks of certain foods, and for the cooks, tips for selecting the best ingredients and preparing them.

On Food and Cooking is a required reference for chefs who need to know the principles of food science in order to take their cooking to new levels. And, for home cooks, bakers and health-minded eaters, with a keen appetite for information on food and the cooking process it’s engaging reading.

Harold McGee’s book is simply a monumental journey merging food and science… and a marvelous read.” – Paula Wolfert, author of Mediterranean Cooking

Without a doubt the best existing documentation of the very important and oh-so-fascinating role played by science in our kitchens and in human nutrition.” – Madeleine Kamman, author of The New Making of a Cook

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