The Sopranos Family Cookbook

As Compiled by Artie Bucco
by Allen Rucker

The Sopranos Family Cookbook: as Compiled by Artie Bucco (conceived and written by Allen Rucker and Michele Scicolone) is a wonderfully tacky Sopranos-themed book that happens to include some pretty terrific Italian-American recipes.

Artie Bucco, the character who is the chef at Vesuvio restaurant is narrator as he provides us with such family secrets as Corrado Soprano Jr.’s Pasta Fagiole and Panzerotti and Carmela’s Sauteed Escarole, while Tony gives his take on the “art of the grill”. There are 100 recipes (mainly from the Sopranos’ origins in Naples) created with the characters in mind, plus plenty of photos of the savory dishes. Readers will be baking ziti as good as Carmela’s in no time. In addition, fans will love the color photos of Tony, his family, and his family eating and cooking beautiful Italian meals.

Food plays a central role in any Italian-American family and television’s favorite “mob” family is no exception. This book is a tongue-in-cheek spoof of a popular show, with some funny family stories and solid recipes to help tide fans over until next season. Perfect for getting your own “Soprano” theme parties off the ground.

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Posted by Food Junkie on December 2, 2004
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