How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

Simple Meatless Recipes for Great Food
by Mark Bittman

Few food writers can boast of reaching as many new cooks and home kitchens as Mark Bittman. His bestselling How to Cook Everything won both the James Beard and Julia Child-AICP cookbook awards and singlehandidly gave a multitude novices cooks the tools and most importantly inspiration to start cooking. In addition, his weekly New York Times column, ” The Minimalist” has been a savior for many the novice or time-pressed cooks. His recipes are easy to follow, adaptable and forgiving. His style of cooking and his choice of ingredients come from across many cultures and cuisines, introducing home cooks to a world of flavors and techniques.

In the eagerly anticipated How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, Mark Bittman brings home cooks the same quality and depth of recipes and instruction he brought in How to Cook Everything for vegetarians, vegans and any cooks who desire to eat more health-conscious meals and less meat, fish and poultry. There are over 2,000 recipes in this tome and all follow his rule of the simple approach for the most enjoyable, attainable results. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian has all the same winning, user-friendly elements of How to Cook Everything such as how-to illustrations for trickier techniques, meal planning tips and symbols, suggestions for adapting everyday recipes and substituting ingredients, ideas on how and when to use the recipes and a wealth of helpful lists, charts and sidebars for easy reference. One will never cook all the recipes in the book, but certainly be the healthier and better cook for trying.

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Posted by Food Junkie on February 22, 2008
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