Patricia Wells’ Trattoria

Simple and Robust Fare Inspired by the Small Family Restaurants of Italy
by Patricia Wells

Patricia Wells’ Trattoria is full of the “homey, unpretentious, honest, and homemade” dishes that are the heart and soul of Italian trattoria cooking. A trattoria is where Italians go for big flavors, great friendships, and good times. This cookbook perfectly captures the essence and spirit of trattoria cooking.

Patricia Wells spent a decade on food/trattoria expeditions throughout Italy in search of authentic flavors—150 recipes in all were gathered. This is good food prepared with minimal fuss—Tagliatelle with Zucchini and fresh Parsley; Braised Veal Shanks with Lemon and Parsley Garnish; Penne with Vodka and Spicy Tomato-Cream Sauce; Fragrant Orange and Lemon Cake; Fresh Fava Bean and Pecorino Salad… and the bread and pizza recipes alone are well worth the price of the book.

Patricia Wells’ Trattoria is full of honest, unpretentious dishes that you will turn to again and again, and Patricia Wells’ recipes never fail.

Patricia Wells’ Trattoria is exactly how I like to eat. Little bites full of strong flavor and aromas.”—Alice Waters

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Posted by Food Junkie on November 4, 2005
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